Monday, January 19, 2015

Zorin OS

I think I found it...

This might be "THE" Linux distro.

It's called Zorin OS.

They are boasting "the gateway to Linux..." and that claim is not unfounded. One of the main features is the "Look Changer" that allows you to change the interface to act like either Windows 7, Windows XP, or a Gnome 2 (Linux). And to customize it further, you can use the "Theme Changer" and make it light, blue, or dark.

As a Linux user, that has been my biggest complaint with different distros-
trying to figure out where everything is, and how to make it look and feel right.

Zorin has all the bases covered.

Zorin has it's "Web Browser Manager" to help you install your choice of browsers. Note, the Midori installer gives you version 4.3. Go here to get the latest version (5.9 at the time of this article).

Wine is already installed with many amenities to help you convert to Linux and leave Windows behind.

Ubuntu Software Center is utilized with this distro. From all my experimentation, this is the easiest way to add programs to your favorite distro. Synaptic, Software Manager, and others just don't compare.

Everything about Zorin seems ready to go with little to no adjusting necessary, with the exception of the creature comforts mentioned above.

The version I used for this review was called "Core". Core is the basic FREE version.

There are PAID versions too. They have an "Ultimate" and a "Business" version. The Ultimate is listed as 9.99 Euros which PayPal said was about $11.83 American. I am going to have to try this.

I'm going to keep using Zorin and it appears this may be the distro to help me convert Windows users over.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Deepin Linux

Well, here I go again!

I saw an article click here

This distro is called Deepin. What catches my eye is that they say it is "targeted at traditional Windows users"; okay. The screenshots make it look like a modified Windows 8/ cool version of Ubuntu. It has a USB creator (I've only found this in Mint Cinnamon; all other you have to use "dd"). And, it claims to have CrossOver built in to run Windows programs...

CrossOver "built in"?! Really?!

Time to try it out!

Deepin download

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This looks promising.

When you download it, under "mirrors" select SourceForge if you are stateside.  That’s the fastest of the slow download options. They sure could use some torrent action...
Also, the third screen is supposed to show a partitioning option; I never saw one. It's best to do your partitioning BEFORE the install.

First impressions:
it looks like someone took Windows 8 and Ubuntu and put them in a blender together (imitating Mac?); the result is a smoothie. I don't like Windows 8 (& 8.1) at all, but this distro is surprisingly easy to use, manipulate and customize.
It has Google Chrome, not Chromium. Surprising.

You can customize the boot menu.
Oh, did you notice in the article that Deepin has CrossOver BUILT IN?!?!
Yes, it is BUILT IN!

I installed eSword via CrossOver (eSword is a Windows program that I use; it loses functionality in Linux). I downloaded some extras via eSword's built-in downloader. Everything works. I did get the page scrolling to malfunction once, but no where near as bad as eSword Wined for other distros. Everything works.

I'm still in shock. Really...

It is somewhat picky when it comes to older graphics cards and chips (like Ubuntu).

I'm going to keep playing with Deepin. I have wanted a single distro to point people towards to steer them away from Windows and Mac. This is close. In the troubleshooting, I found a distro that may be “the one”...

Mint Cinnamon was my "go to" with Xubuntu as my backup, but then that switched recently. Mint was what I recommended because I feared Xubuntu would be too hard to explain. Then, I always have that minimum 50GB partition for Windows for all the programs that refuse to work in anything else, or at least aren't covered by my internship at NASA.

Deepin Linux... worth trying.

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Through some research and experimentation I discovered the black screen in Google Chrome is caused by graphics card incompatibility and possibly by older machines. So, if you have an older machine, just use FireFox.

Newer machines run Google Chrome fine.

to be continued...

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Deepin  2014.3 fixed most of the little glitches and problems I noticed in the previous release.

This is a good thing; it might be nice for those that run an Android device - this should look familiar.

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