Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Computer Hipster

My wife called me a "computer hipster" yesterday. I thought that was pretty funny, but she is right. It IS what I do...

I prefer NOT to be like everyone else, running the latest, great abomination called a pc, rather, I take that which is aged, refurbish it, and enjoy all of its antiquated beauty.

The computer I am on right now was made in 2007. 8 years old in computer years is like 100 years old in human years. The DVD drive was dying and the graphics had an issue so the source I bought it from sent me a new DVD multi drive and another graphics card. I pulled the hard drive and replaced it with a 500GB one.

The graphics issue ended up being the splitter so I now had an extra graphics card. I installed that in a similar pc that had a slower processor.

The top one has 3 different operating systems to appease whatever mood I'm in and how I choose to accomplish a given task. The bottom one is running Windows 7 32bit so I can use my favorite Windows based Bible study program; I can leave it disconnected from the network since I have a more secure Linux machine above it. Each has 2 monitors for maximum viewing landscape.

The 2 pc's cost just a hair over a C note combined, the rest was labor, experimentation, and OS installations.

Ya, I'm not mainstream.

I'm certainly not "in style".

But, for less that the price of a new pc, I have all that.

I'm satisfied.

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