Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Deepin 15

This is looking great, really great

Deepin 15 Release "stick to original idea, stick to our dream"

Crossover is gone; too bad- that was an effective piece of software that allowed you to run Windows based programs in Linux. It costs money normally, but Deepin 2014 had it included for FREE. 
Bye bye Crossover; I will miss you

Instead of having to swim through menus trying to find you programs, they are all available on a single page

Adding programs is very easy. All you do is go to the "Deepin Store", select a category, or do a search, and install. It immediately shows up on the program "launcher" page.

Deepin 15 is Debian-based which makes it EXTREMELY easy on your hardware. It runs perfectly on old computers, desktops, laptops, and even on NETBOOKS.

If you are used to running a Windows computer and have an Android-style smart phone, you will find this operating system very useful and easy to use.

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