Wednesday, January 20, 2016


"With Xubuntu we can often just pull the hard drive, put it in a different system and it’ll 'just work'..."

This is a wonderful article on the benefits of Xubuntu. 

Xubuntu is a lightweight version of Ubuntu, a very common and popular form of Linux/GNU.

"Malware and viruses have also driven up the demand for Xubuntu systems. In the past several years we’ve seen many more people adopting Xubuntu because they’re fed up with how easy Windows systems get infected."

Xubuntu is one of my primary Linux/GNU distros that I use; and I'm using it right now!

Xubuntu works on EVERYTHING from the latest computers to the old and decrepit, desktops, laptops, and even the hardware impaired netbooks. They even have a version for Chromebooks!

Why would you want Xubuntu? With the open source licensing and ease of use AND INSTALLATION, we here at ATNPC can install Xubuntu on your pc for as little as $35, whereas Windows' reboots are limited to the COA on your pc and can be as much as $100 (including software bundle and system tweaking).

There is another version of this called Emmabuntus
I've seen people in countries that don't even have computers use Emmabuntus. what they do is assemble computer components into buckets or jugs, install Emmabuntus, and now they have computers for medical services, children's education and so on.

Here's a good one- a desktop computer built in a jug powering an obviously homemade 3D printer... What's your excuse?!

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