Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Windows 10 Metathesiophobia

I still have customers that are afraid of Windows 10. I can't say that I am thrilled with it, but, if you run Windows, it is indeed better to run the version that Microsoft is actively maintaining and supporting.

Truth be known, Windows 7 is going to end sooner than we realize. Folks, it's 2018; Windows 7 dies January 14, 2020. That'll be here soon.

Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet

Here's a nice tutorial for Windows 10 that will remove some of the mysteriousness -

Of course the better option is to do away with Windows altogether. A non-Windows, non-Microsoft operating system is easier to maintain, much safer to operate, and much, MUCH more cost effective.

Zorin is my first choice for an alternative computer operating system

How to install Zorin Click HERE!

Video tutorial

Another option is to purchase a computer that already has an alternate, easier to use operation system.

Purchase a computer with Zorin already installed Click HERE!

System76 (Click HERE!) is also an option. they have created an easy to use operating system specifically for the computers they build.
Laptops Click HERE! Desktops Click HERE!

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