Monday, May 14, 2018

House Calls

Yes! We do House Calls!

Due to popular demand, we are now offering In-Home Service for our customers that need it.

If you need service performed in your home, contact us to schedule an appointment:

TEXT a message via your cell phone to
Four Two Three - Six Zero Nine - Three Seven Zero Eight

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Duane Hatter Facebook

EMAIL twoguntom2002 at yahoo dot com

Some things to understand about House Calls and In-Home Service:

- House calls are expensive.
  It is always much, Much, MUCH less expensive to bring your equipment to our shop for service.

- A standard house call fee is due upon our arrival.
  Total house call charges depend on travel time and time servicing your equipment.

- Your internet must be on and in good condition when we arrive.
  If you are having trouble with your internet, please get it serviced before we arrive.

- You must know your internet/wifi password.

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