Friday, December 21, 2018

Windows 10 October Update in December?

I mean, what the heck?

I was doing a fresh install on a back up computer for work stuff, and it decided to update to the latest 1809.

According to Purdue, this computer is 10 years old!

The regular work machines are still on 1803, with update hiccups -
they download an update, try to install it 3 times, then do a roll back.
I had to turn off updates because this was happening everyday!
And, these machines are young at just 3 years old.

I even pulled one of the daily work machines and did a fresh install of Windows 10. It updated as far as it could, but stayed with 1803...

Microsoft, y'all suck!

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Distro Hunt/Hop 2

I had posted here about playing with Linux distributions other than MX-17, again. And I did.

The first was Zorin 12.4

The Next was Deepin 15.8

And, finally Solus 3.9999 Budgie

For the test I used a hotrodded eMachine with an AMD Athlon II x4 650, 8GB RAM, and an AMD Radeon HD gfx card hooked to 2 monitors.

After partitioning the hard drive the way I wanted it and marking them so I knew what went where, it was time to make some bootable USB sticks.  All distros for the test went right onto their respective thumb drives using "dd" and I didn't have to use Unetbootin.

Zorin went right on the test machine. No surprises. A little boring.

It looks cool with one of their supplied desktop wallpapers and switching the "theme" to black/green, but that's where the cool ended. It's just "meh". There is nothing wrong with it, other than having 'buntu as a base, and in fact, if it was the only alternative to Windows, then it would suffice just fine. It's just not exciting.

Deepin , wow! Right from the start, it was amazing. The installer showed all my partitions as icons with the names I put on them. All I had to do was select the icon and that's where it installed it. No fuss, no confusion, just simplicity.

After rebooting into the installed version, there was a little walk-through that allowed me to customize everything to my liking.

All of the cool things that I liked about Deepin previously were still there, all of the problems that made me leave were fixed! I noticed there are more update servers and locations so the first thing I did was have it check for the best one. After that, the update was smooth.

They still have the best selection of apps in their store, and the list has grown since I last used Deepin.... VERY, VERY happy!

Solus was a disappointment. It looks cool, it is easy to operate, and it is faster than any other distro to boot, but, it locked up. I can't remember if it locked up my computer once or twice, but it locked it up. From experience, if I have a major issue from the start, chances are there are many more sorrows ahead. My policy is to treat it like a lit firecracker - drop it and run.

So, in conclusion, it looks like I'll be running Deepin, again.

I did find a viable use/reason for Zorin... stay tuned.

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Microsoft Copies Google Chrome?


I saw this on Techmeme

So, Microsoft is going to take their native browser, Edge (the blue "e"), and base it on Chromium?

Chromium comes from the world of "opensource"; the same place that Firefox, Linux, and other cool things come from.

Google liked Chromium so much they based the Google Chrome browser on it.

So, if Microsoft doesn't screw it up, Microsoft Edge will look just like Chrome and should run just as well... at least, that's the theory.

But, this is Microsoft we are talking about (the people who make Windows).

In the world of open source, everything glitters with genius and sharing and ingenuity...

But in the world of Microsoft, everything is sucky sucky, broken broken, and sue sue for copyright infringements.

I don't know if I'm happy, surprised, scared, or...

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Distro Hunt/Hop

I love fixing broken things; it's a compulsion. If it is broken, I can't walk away; I have to fix it before I can settle.

It's just the way I am.

But, my stuff is not supposed to break, ever. When it does, it irritates me to no end.

I despise Microsoft's Windows operating systems. It breaks, and breaks stuff all the time. It ships as a broken product more times than not. Like a plague, it is everywhere.

I have to use it when I'm working; I have no choice.

If I had a choice, I'd use my favorite Linux distro, MX-17.

But, and here is the point, MX has been malfunctioning lately.

One of my work stations is a high fluting HP Envy desktop computer. It was problematic from the start. It has Windows and MX installed on, not without much despair. The first attempt at installation was strange, but was not the first experience like this. If I booted the pc into MX, it was fine, but if I booted into Windows, the GRUB menu disappeared and I had no more access to MX.

I have experienced this before with HP computers, recently.

The fix is to ignore the UEFI interface, and install both operation systems in a "legacy" environment. That is odd for a computer made in 2015, but... it works.

...or, at least. it did.

Now, when I boot into MX, it locks up. It seems a little random, but it locks up every time, eventually.

I thought it might be Firefox (seen it before), so I went into the settings and turned off all hardware acceleration. That didn't fix it.

Next work station, a Dell, developed a new issue - one of the screens flickers. It works fine in Windows, but in MX one of the screens flickers. It has worked fine all year, until I moved it. I have yet to try a different monitor and cables, but, it works fine in Windows...

One of the joys of Linux is "community" - a group of enthusiasts and developers there with help and suggestions.

Although, when you get people that are very passionate about something, nerds and geeks alike, emotions can run high, and feelings, well, do you see where I'm going here?

I don't dislike the community, but I'm not comfortable there. My fight or flight has always been flight because fighting online is not healthy or profitable... There was never a fight, but the mods over-lording the posts and one of the developers stalking me... I haven't left the community, and I only snoop around the forum to see if anyone else has similar problems and solutions, but I resist the urge to post anymore.


1) In typing this, I think I need to bench the Dell. First, re-seat the graphics card and see what happens. Next, replace the monitor and cables.

2) Use only Windows on my workstations. Have Windows installed on them only. Personal computers can have Linux only, or both, but are for personal use only.

3) Try another Linux distribution. Oh boy. Deepin has a new edition that people seem to like, and Deepin is debian-based like MX. The support is rather lacking due to the language barrier (Deepin is made in China). They do have an English speaking side to the forum, but there was only one guy in there that could answer my questions; who knows if he still frequents the place. Zorin was great when I first tried it, but seemed to get worse as time went on. And, it is 'buntu-based. The 'buntu's were getting worse with each release last I checked (April '18) so... Then, the other that stands out in my mind is Solus...

Yep, it is time to designate a computer for distro hopping... again.

Let the fun begin.

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