Thursday, December 20, 2018

Distro Hunt/Hop 2

I had posted here about playing with Linux distributions other than MX-17, again. And I did.

The first was Zorin 12.4

The Next was Deepin 15.8

And, finally Solus 3.9999 Budgie

For the test I used a hotrodded eMachine with an AMD Athlon II x4 650, 8GB RAM, and an AMD Radeon HD gfx card hooked to 2 monitors.

After partitioning the hard drive the way I wanted it and marking them so I knew what went where, it was time to make some bootable USB sticks.  All distros for the test went right onto their respective thumb drives using "dd" and I didn't have to use Unetbootin.

Zorin went right on the test machine. No surprises. A little boring.

It looks cool with one of their supplied desktop wallpapers and switching the "theme" to black/green, but that's where the cool ended. It's just "meh". There is nothing wrong with it, other than having 'buntu as a base, and in fact, if it was the only alternative to Windows, then it would suffice just fine. It's just not exciting.

Deepin , wow! Right from the start, it was amazing. The installer showed all my partitions as icons with the names I put on them. All I had to do was select the icon and that's where it installed it. No fuss, no confusion, just simplicity.

After rebooting into the installed version, there was a little walk-through that allowed me to customize everything to my liking.

All of the cool things that I liked about Deepin previously were still there, all of the problems that made me leave were fixed! I noticed there are more update servers and locations so the first thing I did was have it check for the best one. After that, the update was smooth.

They still have the best selection of apps in their store, and the list has grown since I last used Deepin.... VERY, VERY happy!

Solus was a disappointment. It looks cool, it is easy to operate, and it is faster than any other distro to boot, but, it locked up. I can't remember if it locked up my computer once or twice, but it locked it up. From experience, if I have a major issue from the start, chances are there are many more sorrows ahead. My policy is to treat it like a lit firecracker - drop it and run.

So, in conclusion, it looks like I'll be running Deepin, again.

I did find a viable use/reason for Zorin... stay tuned.

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