Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Bye Bye MX

Wow... Yes, I'm still complaining. I'm almost done though...

MX has been an increasingly good linux distribution since 2015, but the beginning of the end started September of last year.

The crew there at MX introduced the latest "shiny thing" call "Boot Options". Boot Options was a great concept - it provided for a "splash" screen animation while the computer boots instead of lines of text scrolling.

I don't know how many times people would contact me months after I installed MX and say, "Oh! just all the sudden the screen has all these words on it..." and later, I would discover that it was just the normal start up, but somehow they hadn't noticed it before (?!).

So, I thought I'd try this new shiny Boot Options thingy.

I immediately found it was broken, sort of.

There was a miscommunication between Boot Options and another program called Grub Customizer. There were some quotations were put where they might not belong by Grub Customizer, and those were misinterpreted by Boot Options so you start delay was set to zero seconds.

Zero seconds means whatever your default operating system was set to was all you had because there was no time to select anything else.

So I had hours invested in someone else's computer, but only had access to one of the operating systems I had installed and tweaked.

Panic? Yep, I sure did.

But, MX is a Linux distribution, and Linux is known for its "community" mentality - if you have a problem, there are lots of people to help you.

The problem was quickly fixed so it wouldn't happen again (I figured out how to fix my issue on my own), but in the process, there was an undertone of disgust and distrust of Grub Customizer.

My response was one of gratitude for fixing the problem and asking them not to kill off Grub Customizer.

That didn't go well.

"Nobody is killing anything," I was told.

"We certainly won't kill something," they said.


"I'm getting tired of this. No one from MX has talked about *killing* GC, whatever that would mean, and there is no reason to have hysterical posts here and in the social media."

Ya, that happened.


"I'm thinking that in the future I might not pay attention to reports like 'I used Grub Customizer and then things didn't work as they should'"

To my last attempt at communication in the "community" where respondents to the thread talked among themselves, talked about me, but not to me

"So might this be another issue, since I remember that OP [me] liked to use Grub Customiser previously. Was the grub/splash on this machine previously set by GC?

So, I am being shamed?!

For a program that they still offer, even though -

"GC does change a quite a lot of the structure of grub-internals, it's rather hard for our tools to deal with GC changes properly.
So any menu re-ordering with GC is prone to conflicht with MX Boot Options, and might produce undesireable results.
Re-arrange of the menuetries as done like GC is not recommended, as this conflict with grubs-internal regeneration structure our tools are based on.

Yep, a program that has helped me make MX a reality for others by simplifying and un-confusing the boot process so people can have multiple operating systems on the same computer, yet has been made problematic (NOT killed) , but still offered for those woeful users to be shunned in the support forum....

And MX-18 was released December 2018, and the GRUB file is messed up and so is their "Boot Options" program.

But, I'm hysterical...

 - -

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