Friday, January 4, 2019

Distro Hunt/Hop 3


Zorin 12.4 DOES WORK with persnickety HP Desktop computers that have their pesky, intolerable UEFI. It actually dual-booted successfully with Windows 10 and GRUB didn't disappear.

The reason is that this release of Zorin is still based on Ubuntu 16.04.

The next release will be Ubuntu 18.04. That's when it will probably, and unfortunately become totally worthless in a dual-boot with Windows 10 environment.

That's too bad.

I thought Deepin 15.8 was da' bomb, but (?#@%*!!!) they need to keep working on it.

I did a Windows 10/Deepin dual-boot on my back up work station (non UEFI) and it kept locking up.

At first I wanted to blame nVidia drivers, but, as it turned out, it is the SAME OLD PROBLEM from forever ago with some weird Google Chrome browser glitch.

Yes, I can wiggle through the browser's advanced setting and make the problem go away, but,


And, I thought, what the hey?! the new MX-18? Give it a shot? Sure...


I noticed some things were missing - xScreensaver and GRUB Customizer.

Both are available to download/install in their Package Installer.

All seemed well, so I installed it on my primary workstation.

I installed GRUB Customizer, ran it, and got this

A discussion in the MX forum about keeping GRUB Customizer is why I don't want to go to there. They said they were NOT going to get rid of GRUB Customizer...


I'm done with MX.

 - -

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