Thursday, February 14, 2019

Dear Linux Distribution Developer

Dear Linux Distribution Developer:

I understand that not all distributions are for everybody. But what I find perplexing and downright frustrating is that not all distributions will work on everybody's hardware.

Jason Evangelho, writer for Forbes says:

     "...The problem is the complete fragmentation and confusion when it comes to graphics drivers....

"... I hope that everyone involved in the development of every single Linux distributions hears this: It's still far too complicated for the average user. The education is lacking and the documentation that's out there is often difficult to understand.
I want the gaming ecosystem on Linux to continue improving -- and it's truly fantastic once you have it all figured out -- but there is still serious work to do to appeal to all those folks becoming disenchanted with Windows 10. It all just needs to be simpler."

Read the whole article here.

I have seen Linux distributions that work, for me, on my hardware.

Deepin has a Graphics Driver Manager that installs Nvidia drivers just fine... for me... with my hardware.

This tells me that it is possible to have a tool/widget/program that gets the right driver(s) for your hardware.

Deepin also has display settings that can be customized. These settings can be saved so when you reboot, your monitors are still arranged correctly. No terminal window involved, just a simple gui. No additional software, command prompts, nothing. This works fine... for me... on my hardware.

This is not a commercial for Deepin Linux.

I only use this as an example of what can be done.

It is simple. It works...

...for me... on my hardware.

How can a Linux distribution be made easier?



Paid support?

I've used it and it was worth every penny!

How about general information?


If BubbasDeepFried Linux showed that they used Dell Optiplex 7000 series with Intel i5 processors and Nvidia GT 710 gfx cards for development, then potential users would know that it works with that hardware.

Extra info like "we are having issues with RTX 2080 cards, but we are working on a fix..."

General information, but useful.

Something needs to be done to make Linux easier for the new users.

I'm a middle of the road, non-expert user. I use my computer every day. Everyday it seems a little more frustrating.

Can you help?


Frustrated, but still using F'n Linux

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