Friday, February 15, 2019

Peppermint OS Linux

Yep, I'm still at it.

This time I'm checking out PeppermintOS Linux.

This is a continuation of @CubicalNate 's list of "Top 5 Linux Distributions for Everyday Desktop Computing".

This was his #4 choice.

Installing seemed to be what I remember from anything 'buntu, but with a prettier color scheme. And after reboot, I really do like the dark red and grey; looks good.

Without getting to far into it, I noticed they have ARandR, and a "Additional Drivers" tool. But, first, to the Display settings.

I set up my 3 monitors and rebooted. Everything remained as I set it.


Next, lets see if it locks up without proprietary Nvidia drivers.

I went to Google and downloaded Google Chrome since it wasn't available in the Software Manager. The Software Manager did have Pepper Flash, I think, so I installed it, I think.

Right away, I was playing a video in one browser at the best quality the monitor could handle. And, at the same running video in another browser.

Nothing locked up.

Next was software, or Software Manager? There are 2 listed, Software and Software Manager. Um, what?

"Software" looks to be the 'buntu software installer tool/program/widget.

"Software Manager" looks to be a Gnome interface.


The next thing I noticed was the "office" options in the menu were links to Microsoft's online version of their office products?

What?! Have the developers been drug tested recently?

I typed "libre" into both software tools. Software offers the whole suite. Software Manager offers each Libre software element individually. I opted for the whole suite.

Everything else looks typical. I didn't see VLC, but it is easy enough to install.

It works. And it's based on 'buntu 18.04.


That tells me that my previous troubles with 18.04 may have been hardware related.

That makes me not happy and happy at the same time.

Although the Peppermint treatment on the 'buntu base may fix a lot of ills too...

Anyway, it works; and, it looks good.


So, did I find a keeper?

It sure looks like it.

 - -

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