Wednesday, February 6, 2019

SparkyLinux [UPDATED]

In some of my daily perusal through tech/linux-type stuff, I saw someone mention SparkyLinux as there goto. It's debian-based, and I prefer debian-based so here we go!

The one I chose was 4.9.2 LXDE. Stable... ya...

I never opt for automatic login; I always like to type the password. I know, it's like putting a padlock on a shed, but it still makes me feel better. Well, that was almost a mistake because now I have to type in my username and password to login, not just a password. A minor nuisance, but still... [UPDATES, Scroll down]

So now it's off to get the nVidia setting tool so I can harness the power of my gfx card and configure my 3 monitors.

I found my self in the "Sparky Center" and clicking the "software" tab. I could use Synaptic Package Manager or ,something I had never heard of, "APTus".

APTus turns out to be a widget to get you to the software you want to install, reinstall, or uninstall. Simple enough.

The nVidia X Server Settings tool went right in, but there is an issue with permisions - "...Please edit your X configuration (just run...). [See UPDATES, Scroll down]

RUN?! In what direction?

I don't know what level of uber-geek you have to be, but I'm not. Google didn't offer any immediate help either.

I was all out of fairy dust, so I opened the DVD drive door and poured in some Rainbow Sprinkles.

That didn't help either.

One monitor; that's all I get.

The whole nVidia gfx card issue is starting to hamper my distro-hopping. I'm going to have to expand my skillset before I go much further.

Remember Linus Torvalds' attitude toward nVidia?

The struggle is real my friends.

I guess I got used to debian-based distros like MX and deepin. They both have included programs to help with gfx drivers. The one in MX didn't work half the time, but I never had gfx issues either. And, if Arbys has the meat, then deepin has the apps! deepin has apps for everything...

So, SparkLinux looks nice. It's not pretty, but it works. It is very light on the system and would run beautifully on old and new systems alike. And they have a rolling release so you have that option too. All the software is there that you need to get going. I don't care for the ESR version of Firefox, but I understand why it exists. Regular Firefox and even Google Chrome are available in APTus.

In conclusion, SparkyLinux is a contender for a daily driver...

Fn nVidia notwithstanding...

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UPDATES 3/13/2019

I reinstalled and have it set to auto login... much better :D

I chose NOT to install nvidia X Server. I simply arranged my monitors to see what would happen. I was able to use 2 (the 3rd is portrait [on its side]) and disabled the 3rd. Upon restart the settings held.

I am glad to see native java support in the browser and flash is available for install in APTus.

I also installed DropBox from APTus since I use it ALL THE TIME. All went well.

SparkyLinux is moving up the list as a serious contender for installation on a couple old laptops I have.

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