Monday, February 18, 2019

The "Truth" About Linux?

I've had to watch this a few times

2:22 is 4 points that make sense.
  • Linux is not like Windows
  • Linux is not a drop-in replacement for Windows
  • Those who expect Linux to be like Windows will get very frustrated [er, maybe?]
  • Those who are willing to take the time to learn and are open to new ideas do well with Linux.

3:37 He talks about the "latest" computer in a store is designed for Windows.

Yes I agree, but what he says next needs to be taken with a grain, up to a pound of salt - he says do your research.

Not that long ago, I thought I needed to "up my game" and use a more modern laptop. I *did my research* and checked the official "Linux approved list" and found the EXACT MODEL and hardware of a Dell 2 in 1 that was being offered as a refurb at a cool price.

Please note

  • It was NOT new
  • It WAS on the Linux list of "tested" computers
  • I did my research


[dramatic pause]

the $%#@ did NOT work with Linux!

It would run a little while, then without any warning at all it would lock up. It ran fine with Windows 10 though.

Some deep digging on the internet combined with some very masterful Google searches, I was able to find a forum where the Dell rep said Dell "was going to offer a bios patch" for the little 2 in 1 that made it Linux compatible, but by the end of the thread, IT NEVER HAPPENED!

So, how does this piece of electronics make it on the "approved" list when the manufacturer has intentions of, but does NOT FOLLOW THROUGH?!

And people wonder why I get SO mad.

5:25 "Really, honestly, if your hardware is well supported then the driver will already be in the kernel. So you won't have to do anything to get it to work. Or, there will be a propriety driver available in the repositories. And, that is assuming you are running something... that is made easy to use..."

6:01 The only way to have a machine that will work 100% with Linux is to buy one that was made to work with Linux.

That's great, if you are willing to drop $1K to $4K US.

Or, he said to use the Linux distributions that are "easy to use for new users" like Mint, Ubuntu, or Manjaro.

This is all starting to make sense. This may be the "why" behind 6 years of experimentation, frustration, and madness.

7:13 I don't agree with what he says here if everything he said previously is true. Not "a couple years old". I'd say 5 years old to not quite 10 years old. And from experience, that is a huge maybe. Do you research still, and redo it, then make darned sure you get the used machine cheap to minimize your frustration.

11:02 Dual-booting, the great headache. In my experience, I had almost come to the point where it was going to be Linux OR Windows, but not both. Almost...

24:05 Unpleasant people in the community...

I call them fanboys, or @$$holes, depending on my mood.

That is the exact reason why I will not use Linux Lite or MX anymore.

If you want to see what I mean, install MX, install Grub Customizer WHICH IS AVAILABLE IN THEIR REPOSITORIES, then tell them after you installed Grub Customizer you are having trouble. They aren't fanboys, they're...

But, according to the video, I'm the bad guy.

He's wrong. I'm the guy that worked so hard so others didn't have to. The work was unappreciated and underpaid.

I'm not the bad guy; I'm just tired... and pissed!

31:10 "...this is about you. It's about your own personal journey. And, it's about finding out what you want to do."

That's a good close.

What I take away from this, is that, if I had it to do over, I might have been better served if I had pursued acquiring a Apple/Mac computer in order to get away from Microsoft Windows. I could have gotten into a used (2 or 3 year old) Apple/Mac for less than a new "made for Linux" machine. If I pushed myself through the learning curve of a Mac, I would be light years ahead of where I am now struggling through Linux.

But, I don't have a time machine.

So, for me and my 12 - 20 pc-type computers (I lost count), at this point in the game, it looks like I should stick to 'buntu or 'buntu-based distros.

So far Zorin and Peppermint seem to work well; both are 'buntu-based.

I may give Xubuntu 18.04 another try.

Deepin is doing wonderfully. It is debian-based, but the developers are not slack in their work.

The author of the video also mentioned Manjaro. I guess I'll give it a go.

I'm glad I watched the video (several times). I learned a lot, or at least got a good explanation for the trouble I've had.

It's not that I don't like Linux; I really do like Linux, a lot. It's just that I didn't think the past 6 years should have been so hard. And it shouldn't have been...

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