Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Peppermint 10

Peppermint OS released their version 10 in May of this year https://peppermintos.com/2019/05/peppermint-10-released/

Peppermint OS has always kept my attention, possible because in was born in the back of a bar in North Carolina -

"It is said that the idea of Peppermint OS was initially thought during a drinking night at a pub in NC, USA. Inspiration is to find an alternative to the overpriced and unstable commercial OS (may be referring to MS Windows)."

http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/linuxandubuntu-review-of-peppermint-linux )

The other reason is probably that it looks good.

Oh, and I have full control of the panel. I can add, delete, and manipulate it anyway I choose. This would make me choose it over, say Zorin.

But, does it "just work"?

After installing Peppermint OS 10 on my test machine, I noticed that only 2 out of 3 monitors were working.


I ran updates and still, only 2 monitors.

Next I checked the "additional drivers". I was already running the 390 series driver which is the correct one. but, the 430 series was available, so, I thought, let's give 'er a go.

After a restart, no change. Still 2 monitors.

Oh, well.

Much to my surprise, I started Peppermint again (to start this article), and the third monitor came on with the other 2. I quickly went to the Display settings and arranged the monitors as they should be. A restart, and all was well.

What happened? I dont know...

It works.

It works very well...

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