Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Peppermint 10 OS, Still Awesome

I was just saying the other day that Deepin was giving me that not-so-up-to-date feeling. For fun, I checked the version of Firefox that it was running 60.0.1.

That's bad.

The next day everybody else running Firefox updated to 70.0.1.

I knew that Deepin hadn't updated in a while so I looked it up - Deepin hadn't updated since July!

That's really bad.

The worst thing, the Deepin installation was what I did all my banking and bill-paying on.


A writer for a popular magazine had written about Peppermint OS recently and how amazing it was. I already knew this, but it was a solid reminder I need to swap OS's before I do anymore online banking.

(previous article on Peppermint )

(original Pepperming 9 discovery )

Peppermint 10 went right on my dual-booted work machine. The monitor on the right started to flicker during instal; I knew this was Nvidia driver related so I didn't panic.

Upon restart, there was no monitor flicker. I went straight to the additional driver tool and checked for necessary drivers. Peppermint had already installed the right drivers.

If you've been following my adventures with Linux this year, you'll understand how happy I am about this.

With everything that is behind it, and with everything that goes into it, Linux certainly SHOULD BE this easy.

From here I went to Display settings and configured my monitors correctly.

After system/software updates, it was time to put a few other programs on it

(a list of addition software is started here )


Now I feel safe, secure (up-to-date), and can get back to computing.

Thanks to everybody that makes Peppermint OS!

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