Saturday, January 5, 2019

Distro Hunt/Hop 4

I was wrong about MX-18, partially, maybe; I'm not sure if they messed up GRUB Customizer or not, but the root of my/their problem is that it has a syntax error in the GRUB file.

That's a problem.

My primary workstation was in worse shape than I thought - with GRUB messed up, I had no way of getting to Windows 10.

That's a serious problem, but since it is the weekend, I have time to fix it.

I thought about just pulling the hard drive and only installing Windows 10...

... but what a waste! This pc has 3 monitors, the center being a touch screen; and I'm just going to use this for work? Then I'd have to use a "bench computer" for all my banking, shopping, personal-type stuff.

So, what are my options?

I could try Deepin 15.8.

What's the worst thing that could happen?

I installed it over the MX-18 partition. I knew the setup might get a little tricky since 2 of my monitors are "portrait" instead of "landscape", and tricky it was.

I had to cycle the computer off twice because I lost all screens while trying to set the displays. Then, the little light bulb came on over my head - graphics drivers!

I immediately went to the in house Deepin Graphics Driver Manager. It downloaded the necessary "closed source" drivers and needed to reboot for the install. Upon reboot and install, it ran an animated graphics test to verify that it would work without glitching out. Upon confirmation, it rebooted again.

To my surprise, the flickering right monitor was clear, no flicker!

I went to the display setting again, rotated 2 monitors, rearranged them, saved the settings, and it worked!


I didn't think that running 3 monitors on a somewhat newer pc with Windows 10 and a linux distro should be a difficult thing.

It looks like Deepin 15.8 has won my affection again.

Now, I need to compile a "after installing Deepin" list,

and, I need to submit my findings to the MX people so they can fix their junk.

 - -