Thursday, January 17, 2019

Jason Evangelho

Have you ever heard of Jason Evangelho?

I hadn't either, until today. I think I saw a blurb in my Twitter feed.

Jason writes for Forbes. And, he writes about Linux stuff. Seriously, he does. I was surprised too.

The first article that caught my attention was his Elementary OS Community Challenge.

"...the elementary OS Challenge is simple: ditch Windows, macOS or your current Linux OS of choice and exclusively use elementary OS 5 Juno as your daily driver for two weeks. Explore the curated AppCenter and the bundled software to get all of your working and playing done. For email, for music, for coding, for gaming, for whatever.

We’ll be taking this journey together, which hopefully means a two-way conversation to discuss the successes, discoveries, questions and potential stumbling blocks we encounter along the way."

I'm disappointed that I can't come and play with his community; I have to use Windows and Google Chrome for my remote work per the agreement (and, believe me, if I could get away from Windows, I would!). 

But, what a splendid idea! Drop your usual OS, and come play with us, and join our community for comment and support!

And, he announced this at Forbes! What an audience! What a platform with reach!

So, will you join the challenge?

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I've added Jason's Forbes' contributions to my lists of tech-worthy news

at 2guntom and aTNpc.


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