Saturday, February 16, 2019


Yes, I'm still playin'

 Ell on Twitter is taking suggestions for OS's to try.

Pop! OS is on the list.

Pop! OS is the System76 version of Ubuntu Gnome.

I was a little confused right off the bat at the download. They push 18.10, but I should get the LTS (Long Term Support) which is 18.04, right? And a special "Nvidia" version? Do I need that for my Nvidia card since it is older?

I download both Nvidia and non-Nvidia 18.04 versions and chose to install non-Nvidia first.

The color scheme and GUI look great, but, the installer said it needed 256MB to install EFI/boot partion. My EFI/boot partition is 256MB (268.4MB actual) but the installer said it is too small.

I checked to make sure that the partition would be formatted, and checked everything else.

No go.

That was where my review originally ended.

Since then, I got a little education on ESP partitions for multi-booters and everything is different.

After a newly created 1GB boot partition, Pop! OS went right on my machine.  It felt a little more like a serious commercially produced OS - install, restart, THEN set up user accounts and details.

Ya, I know, the rest of the 'buntus can be done this way, but maybe I was dazzled by the color scheme and cool steam punk robot wallpaper...

So, once in, it was time to update. It seemed a little slow on the updates, and I have no idea where the repositories are physically located, nor did I see anyway to choose a faster location.

When the updates were done, the update interface offered a Nvidia driver (remember, this is the non-Nvidia version). Most notable is that this was the newest 410.78 driver.

This is the first time I have EVER seen the most up-to-date driver. I am usually offered 390.

One of my monitors was acting a little wiggy so I opted for the driver.

This took a while, and is to be expected. (Note to self - use the Nvidia version next time.)

What completely baffled me after a cold boot was that they appear to be using the Nvidia X Server program. But how did they make it so easy? My previous experience with Nvidia X Server was less than pleasant, and I was so pleased when I found a fix for it.

That just proves what I've said before - it doesn't have to be difficult. Nothing has to be difficult in Linux. Ever. And, when something is this smooth and easy, it reflects on the intelligence of the developers.

Arranging my odd trio of monitors was simple... As it should be...

The important stuff seems to be installed already: Libre Office, Firefox, screenshot utility, Simple Scan, and a system monitor. Elementary OS should take some notes here.

I can only see 2 things that cause me to raise an eyebrow:
  • to maximize a window you have to do it as a right-click function, or drag all the edges to the edges of your monitor,
  • no GRUB; they use systemd.

You only get a close button. Strange. I saw no way to change appearance, icons, themes, or anything like that. It's just strange.

And no GRUB. I understand that systemd is supposed to be fast, but I have 5 other operating systems installed that I can't reach. And, I'm going to install 4 more.

This is easily remedied by installing another Linux distribution in another partition. The GRUB of the new distro picks up Pop! OS in its menu and makes it bootable from there.

So, in conclusion, I'm really liking Pop! OS.

I see why everybody else is excited about it.

I am too ;)

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