Monday, March 16, 2020

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As it stands, even with more cases being found every day, you are still at a greater risk of serious injury or death by automobile than you are from COVID-19...

With Governor Bill Lee's new executive order,  here is a somewhat vague description of "Essential Activities"

I updated the links on the My Start Page for local news outlets. Also on that page, or click HERE for the updated links to local TV video.

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[original article posted 3/16/2020]

The internet is saturated, and my email is flooded with every company on the planet making their "CoronaVirus statement".


The one that made me laugh today was from Synchrony Financial (Lowes Credit Card). They said

"We are monitoring the Coronavirus and are prepared to help you. "


Am I supposed to take this seriously?!

The email didn't really support their opening statement at all, but I'm sure they are concerned about my wellbeing, at least enough to make sure the payments keep rolling in every month...

...I should have them paid off by the year 2060 at the current rate...

So, Coronavirus/COVID-19, what's the big deal?

This site is tracking it

There are 4115 cases is the U.S. currently, and 73 deaths.

(side note - the 4115 was 3570 this moring [15% increase], and the 73 was 66 [11% increase])

Alone, these numbers are anything you want them to be or make them out to be.

But with some facts and statistics -

according to

there are 330,442,911 people in the U.S.

Compared to 330 MILLION, 73, and even 4115 is very, very small.

Real numbers, the 2019/2020 Flu season has seen 19 million cases.

19 MILLION, regular flu. You know, the kind that makes well people sick, and sick people dead.

Stick with me now, CORONAvirus - 4115 cases, 73 deaths.

From what I saw here you are much more likely to be killed in or by an automobile.

The year 2019 saw 38,800 deaths by automobile.

If everybody took that last number as seriously as they are the Coronavirus, you wouldn't see a single personal vehicle on any road in the U.S, only commercial trucks, buses, and taxis.

More automotive data was available for 2018

There were 39,404 deaths by automobile and 4.5MILLION INJURIES!!!

Even at 4.5 million, they haven't shut down car manufacturers, nor outlawed private motor vehicle operation.

So 73 deaths out of 4115 cases of Coronavirus is shutting down businesses, threatening peoples livelyhood and sanity, and everyone is scared to death.

Didn't the Joker in the 1989 Batman movie do something like this?

So, in accordance with popular trends, and keeping real numbers and statistics in mind,

We here at All Things New PC in Greeneville TN feel that:

Everyone should wash their hands.
If you go somewhere, wash your hands.
When you get home, wash your hands.

Keep your hands away from and out of your eyes/nose/mouth.
Stop picking your nose.

If you are sick, STAY HOME.

Eat good food.
Drink good drinks.
Get plenty of rest at night.
A little excercise, for the most part, never hurt anyone.

More importantly, PAY ATTENTION when you drive.
Turn your phone off before operating a vehicle.
Set the stereo before you drive and leave it alone while operating your vehicle.
Stop at STOP signs.
Stop at red lights.
Look before you pull out; look again. If another vehicle is coming, EVEN IF THEY SEE YOU, let them pass before you pull out. Now, look again before pulling out...
Calm down.
Be patient.

MOST importantly, TURN OFF THE NEWS!!!
The news is NOT there to help you do anything but suffer from anxiety and experience high blood pressure.

Watch a funny movie.
Laugh a little.
Laugh a lot.

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