Monday, April 6, 2020

Commercials and Streaming

I got really sick and tired of the Amazon Fire Stick attached to my TV so I decided to use a computer for streaming shows (read HERE)

Ups and downs, trial and error, it *seemed to be* optimized by using Windows 10 for streaming (read HERE)

Things, as they always do, started changing.

All of the sudden, I am seeing commercials. You know the ones; the really annoying ones you HAVE TO watch right in the middle of the show you are PAYING to stream? Ya, I hate those.

But, I usually don't see them... Why now?

When I stream shows, I use either Mozilla's Firefox browser (click HERE) or Google's Chrome browser (click HERE) . I switch back and forth as necessary due to video rendering issues that I call "chugging" (don't use this term in public; people will laugh at you). Chugging is when the video doesn't play well, like there is a half second missing every few minutes. Chugging usually goes away after a few update cycle of the browser. So, in the mean time, I use a different browser.

One thing that both Firefox and Chrome have in common is the availability of the uBlock Origin browser extension (read about it HERE). uBlock blocks ALL ads, even commercials in streaming video...

...until now.

It used to be when this happened, there was a browser update available that had not been installed yet. Once the update was installed, the ads went away.

But not now.

Most notable, ads in IMDB TV through Amazon Prime (still no ads in YouTube, thankfully)

What the heck?!

After checking, rechecking, updating, IMDB TV through Amazon Prime is serving ads that I have to suffer through.

Bright idea, restart the computer, but boot into Linux instead of Windows. After some updates I verified that Peppermint OS was using the EXACT same version of Firefox and Chrome as Windows. I went straight to some shows on IMDB TV and NO COMMERCIALS.

Um, what?

So Windows 10, ads, Linux no ads?!

What am I missing?

Same browsers, same uBlock, different OS.

Another problem remains:

"...If you are running an operating system other than Windows or Mac OS, playback is restricted to standard definition."

So, there's that.

I have noticed once I get into the show I'm streaming, I seem to forget about the video quality.

Anybody else having issues with ads that they didn't before?

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