Friday, April 24, 2020

Xubuntu 20.04 LTS Released

Yesterday, April 23, 2020 they released Xubuntu 20.04.

I tried not to get excited. The reason being when 16.04 and 18.04 were first released, I experienced problems. I have found that the initial release can't be taken seriously, but later revisions are just fine.

Xubuntu 18.04 is good till April 29, 2021. By then Xubuntu 20.04 will be good to go.

So, for now, version 20.04 is for trial and experimentation ONLY.

First impressions:

Booting a live USB of Xubuntu 20.04 I noticed they have a splash screen animation; that's new. this gives Xubuntu a little more of a refined appearance from the getgo.

Then something called "casper" was running before Xubuntu loaded. Casper has something to do with "persistence" on a live USB... This may be good, but it adds a lot of time to booting, which seems contrary to the lightweight nature of Xubuntu...

The live USB version also has an expanded shutdown menu; there are many more buttons to choose from. The installed version, on the other hand only has an additional button for "Switch User". I'm not sure if the installation could tell that hibernation would crash the system or... (newer operating systems have issues on some older systems with sleep, suspend, and hibernation functions).

Installation went as expected with no real differences... until it started downloading some updates during the install. I noticed a whole lot of Nvidia stuff being installed.

This is something I have whined, and pissed and moaned about for a while - and they got the message. (Read HERE! / Also HERE! / And HERE!)

Nvidia graphics drivers install AUTOMATICALLY now!


The initial boot looked nice with a black screen, "Xubuntu" in white font, and a start up splash screen animation. For a minimalist's distribution, that is a nice touch.

Next, I opened a terminal window and did "sudo apt-get update". Then I selected the Software Updater from the Whisker menu.

And, right here is why I can't get excited yet - this has been stuck on the screen

The computer is not locked up, but the Software Updater is.

And THAT, kids, is why you ALWAYS TRY A LINUX DISTRIBUTION ON YOUR "TEST" COMPUTER FIRST before loading it on you everyday workhorse expecting it to do all your bidding without glitch or snafoo.

I closed the updater and restarted. Then I got this (no surprise)

A restart, then to install Synaptic Package Manager. But where is the "Software" center? It is now the "Snap Store". But isn't that what errored out during the initial updates?

I installed Synaptic Package Manager from the Snap Store and ran it. It found a couple things that needed attention. When it was done I restarted and it seems all is well.

Next problem, the screen kept locking after 5 minutes of inactivity. I went into the power manager settings and set the display to shut off after 30 minutes with no sleeping or blanking.

That did not fix it.

I made sure everything was off/unchecked in system power saving and security.

That didn't fix it either.

I searched around through the settings and couldn't figure out what was going on...

...UNTIL I saw the "Screensaver". I disabled the screensaver and clicked on the "Lock Screen" tab and disabled the Lock Screen.

Would you believe, even though they were disabled, the screen was still locking every 5 minutes?

I enabled Screen Lock, set it to "0" minutes, then disabled it again. I enabled the screensaver, set it to 30 minutes, then disabled it again.

Now my monitor turns off at 30 minutes with no lock.


I'll boot Xubuntu 20.04 periodically and see if anything changes. But, again, I WILL NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY untill Xubuntu 18.04 expires in April 2021.

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