Monday, April 13, 2020

Yahoo Does Not Like Adblockers

I've been seeing this whiny-ass graphic for a few weeks now on my yahoo mail page

I would have gladly supported you (maybe) back when you were awesome, but not now; definitely not now.

My original yahoo account is 20 years old. It was (past tense) awesome! I don't know why I even created it, but when HotMail (remember them?!) started one of its stupid cycles where I couldn't check any of my email messages, I was glad that old yahoo account was there to change over to.

Next I created other yahoo email accounts so I could keep my email sorted. One for business, one personal, one for job hunting, one for any and all news letters and regular mailings, and a spare, just in case.

But the old grey mare, she ain't what she used to be.

I have kept and still maintain them all because I would have to hire a full time employee to change every single email I get over to another service. Seriously.

Today, while I'm trying to find an email so I can pay my state "Business License Tax" yahoo gives me this

Yahoo is holding my inbox hostage. They want money or spam ad rights restored.

Ha! That will be the day, indeed.

Yahoo is the original reason I began searching for adblockers to begin with! No joke!

It seems companies are getting scared they might be missing a few pennies in revenue because of adblocking. Windows has some wizardry running that I can't figure out that lets some ads sneak through (read about it HERE).

This is ridiculous.

Spread this around.

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