Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Zorin 15.2 Lite, Continued...

After the pleasant surprise of finding, installing, and loving Zorin Lite (Click HERE!), I conducted some experiments over the weekend.

My normal computer setup is to have hibernation, sleep, suspend, lockscreen, and all that stuff disabled. The only thing left on is setting the monitor(s) to power off at a set amount of time.

Another Linux distribution I played with got me interested in trying suspend again. It seemed like a good idea with summer coming because this would help minimize unnecessary heat generation in the house. It was all fine until one day I awoke the computer and it glitched; it closed my browser and an open document. Luckily Libre Office recovered the document for me.

So, what about Zorin Lite?

I installed it on the infamous Dell Optiplex 7010 (Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3). I figured, if it was going to act up, this would be the place for it to happen. All weekend long I let the computer go to sleep with browsers open, and a document open, then woke it up at short and long intervals. There were no problems. There were no crashes.


So now it's time to get serious and install it on one of the work machines. The machine is an HP Envy 700-500z; this is the one that glitched on Suspend with a different Linux distribution.

The HP's specs:
HP Envy 700-500z
AMD A8-6500 APU 3.50GHz
EVGA GeForce GT710 2GB
SSD for OS, HDD for file storage

This computer does not need a lightweight OS. I don'y have to run Zorin "Lite"; I'm doing this by choice. I am used to the XFCE desktop and Xubuntu-like distros. It's what I like and I'm familiar with. The lightweight nature is a bonus.

Zorin has always made a professional looking operating system. They don't get in a hurry, and don't release a version until it is right.

Zorin has some proprietary gadgets that make it even cooler, but these don't come at an expense that costs reliability. Everything is smooth and elegant.

Right from the first boot from a Live USB, you have the option to use THE CORRECT graphics drivers. This is computing done right.

I've been harping about that for a while (Click HERE! and Click HERE!)

During installation Zorin Lite can be set to boot without a password. I understand the need for passwords and lockscreens, but this is not necessary for a desktop pc in my home (I have a shovel, know how to dig a hole, and have a big back yard...)

After installation, I noticed something in the terminal window - password feedback. Normally in a terminal window in ANY linux distro, when asked for the password, any typing just leaves a blank area.

Not Zorin Lite

See the asteriks? That's the way it should be. Thank you Zorin Lite!

(This feature can be turned on in other distros too, Click HERE!)

Now, Sunrise/Sunset activated Light/Dark mode.

Why does this matter to me? This computer has a window seat

That window view while working helps me to hang onto that thin thread of sanity that somehow remains... So a bright screen by the bright window, until sundown. At sundown it automatically switches to dark mode.

That's really cool!

By default, automatic updates are turned OFF! Thank you again, Zorin.

If you have ever installed your favorite 'buntu and didn't turn off "download and install immediately", you know what I'm talking about. It can take a perfectly good PC and make it frustratingly unusable for a spell.

And now I'm reading about Zorin Connect (Click HERE!) Unfortunately

That gives me the perfect reason to buy Zorin Ultimate! It works on Zorin Core too, btw.

(read more about Zorin Connect Click HERE!)

So, now it is Wednesday; this is my third day using Zorin Lite on a work computer and I'm still thrilled. I have had no problems, glitches, or hang-ups.

I think I've found THE linux distro. Thank you Zorin!

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