Saturday, May 2, 2020

Zorin 15.2 Lite

When I was finishing up this article (Click HERE!) I saw that Zorin has 4 versions now. It didn't settle until the next day that Zorin "Lite" is based on XFCE.

My prefered desktop environment?

I HAD TO try it! And, I'm glad I did! Right now I'm happier than a fat kid with a 2 pound chocolate bar!!!

Booting from Live USB I had an option for Current Nvidia Drivers.

Thank you!

Install was straightforward.

First boot needed updates as expected.

Upon restart I went to the Display settings and arranged my monitors.

From there, I downloaded Google Chrome browser, and, while the Software store was up, I also installed Gnome System Monitor.

Just like Xubuntu, right-click on the screen, select Desktop Settings. Here I can select a folder of Wallpapers to span all screens and change at a regular intervals. Just the way I like it.

Next scour settings to find and turn of Suspend, Lock Screen, and Screensaver.

While in the Settings, adjust "Zorin Appearance" for ooey gooey, Zorin goodness. Accent color - Green, Background - the center setting (auto light/dark switching), Schedule - Sunset to Sunrise.

After logging into Firefox and Chrome, then arranging buttons on the Panel, I examined the software. Libre Office, Simple Scan, Xfburn... Is it really ready to go? Maybe I'll add Sound Juicer, GTKHash, Synaptic Package Manager, and GRUB Customizer, but that's normal for me.

Zorin Lite idles using 775MB of RAM; that's mega not giga. Very light on system resources as expected.

I mean, WOW! All the ease and familiarity of Xubuntu, all the cool goodness of Zorin, no bugs, no glitches, no headaches. It looks good; it works well...

Is this "The one"?!

It might be.

I'm happy, VERY happy.

Now I need to go find that fat kid and steal whats left of that chocolate bar...

 - -

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