Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Xfinity Flex

I hope I didn't make a huge mistake, but I ordered an Xfinity Flex (Click HERE!)

Flex is Xfinity's TV/Movie streaming device.

Xfinity Flex is offered for free, free to customers like me that have INTERNET ONLY.
[I hope it stays that way, my history with Xfinity shows that I may have opened a dimensional portal to one of the pits in hell owned by Comcast.]

The Flex can link to my Amazon Prime Video account, but I don't get all the Amazon Prime much needed menu improvements that have come out in the last 6 months. And, just like a Fire Stick, be careful where you click or you'll end up buying subscriptions unawares, maybe even a little moreso than a Fire Stick.

I can log into my YouTube account on the Flex. Yah?

Peacock and Xumo are free on Flex. I can't get excited, yet. Peacock seems to be an NBC/Universal-based streaming service that is in its early stages. Peacock is supposed to roll out for all devices sometime in July. The Flex gives you pre-release access. This may or may not be a good service. Time will tell.

Read about Peacock TV here

You also get already free Pluto and Tubi.

The interface has some advantage in that if you are looking for a particular movie/show, you can find it and watch it without having to dig through countless menus in different apps. So, if you like immediate gratification in free shows, that is one plus side to this device.

The Flex also seems more responsive than the Amazon Fire Stick and the Amazon 4K Fire Stick. It seems snappier with no lag from the time you click to the time the corresponding app/program responds. But, just like the Fire Sticks, the Flex shuts off whenever it wants to, whether you are in the middle of something or not.

My concern is Xfinity/Comcast billing. Whenever I do anything to my account, my bill gets messed up. So, is this Flex really free, completely free, or is my bill messed up? I won't know till the next billing cycle.

So, if you have no streaming devices whatsoever, you might like the Flex.

If you like free stuff, the Flex is supposed to be free.

If you have a spare TV and need something to attach to it, get a Flex.

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